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    Interstate Moves

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    Movers & Packers Interstate Furniture Removals

    Moving Interstate is with out doubt a major headache. Not only have you got the major commitment of moving away from your current life and maybe your comfort zone, but you have the added task of organizing the moving your goods a long distance. This will no doubt involve some decision making:

    •   What do you keep and what do you throw out (the less metres the less costs).
    •   What needs to be packed? (as much as possible).
    •   Where to get packing materials from and how to pack them safely.
    •   Who to obtain quotes from and who should you trust with your valuable goods.
    •   What are the time frames involved, pickup, drop-off, storage etc
    •   What will you do if there are delays?
    •   How much is it going to cost??????

    Movers & Packers can not only have you moved interstate but can organise your prepacking in South East Queensland