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    Office Relocations & Moving Tips

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      Address:   Confirm with Australia Post that a change of address has been established.

      Administration:   Ensure procedures for telecommunications, fire services, registered offices, building security, general insurances, water and electrical services, signage and other parties have been attended to.

      Administration:   Confirm floor loadings, parking, access keys and lighting are considered at the new premises.

      Administration:   Consent: Consult management at your new relocation for consideration with other tenants in the building, the use of lifts and loading ramps, timing and consideration of other people using street access and parking spaces, notify local and council if its required to block off street parking, consider safety issues, fire escapes.

      Electrical:   Lighting, wiring, consider power point location within the new premises before relocating, Consider lighting controls and other specialised power requirements.

      Filing:   Ensure filling cabinets, storage racking, storage security system are in order at the new premises.

      File:   Obtain local fire regulations, assess means of escape and muster points, consider signage, check fire doors, check sprinkler systems, check fire fighting equipment, Fire fighting location, fire alarms, and fire control alarm panels.

      Insurance:   Transfer policies, cover the existing premises during relocation, and consider transit insurance and other required insurances are in place during the process and relocation for relocation.

      Removal and disposal:   Dispose of old furnishings, equipment, plant and other un wanted goods and chattels prior to relocation to reduce and minimise cost and relocation expenses

       Security:  Ensure all security needs are covered during the relocation.

       Services:   Ensure cleaning is considered at both new and old premises,

       Signage:   Ensure signage and other floor plans are up to date for, internal stairs, fire escapes, rest rooms, amenities and toilets, room numbers and location.

       Storage:   Facilities for excess items not required at new premises.