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Boxes & Packaging Materials

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Movers & Packers have all your moving needs covered from the initial planning phases of packing, through to unpacking and furniture location placement. A qualified team of removalists and packers, Movers & Packers have a tailored process for the entire job, which is time managed and stress free, ensuring your move is undertaken in a professional manner.

We have professional packing team ready to go. Enquire about our services:

Packing and Pre-Packing

We know your time is important to you. If you don't have enough time or hands to pack your house or office, our professional team can take the load of your hands. Movers & Packers provide packing options for you to choose from to suit you're costing and budget, needs and timeframes. Movers & Packers trained staff will pack your office or home, including: crockery, , fine china, files, glassware, antiques, linen, books, clothing and kids toys, using the quality packing materials that ensures all your chattels are protected during your relocation. We also pack those difficult jobs:

  •   Sheds and garages
  •   Garden sheds
  •   Factories
  •   Art work and antiques
  •   International removal and pre-packing services

Kitchen and fine china

Movers & Packers are finding more and more clients require pre-packing services in their busy schedules to eliminate the frustration of those difficult tasks around the home that require last minute details, for example just simply pre-packing the kitchen and fine china. We can provide you the peace of mind that you're delicate and breakable of items will be pre-packed safely.
Pre-packing your whole house or part there of packed is cost effective if you don't have the time or luxury to achieve this sometimes daunting task, it is a cost effective solution and is stress free.

If you have any queries or would like a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers below.

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Packing Materials Boxes

  •   Standard T chest Cartons: $4.50 each + GST
  •   Book and Wine boxes: $3.50 each + GST
  •   Picture Cartons: $6.00 each + GST
  •   Porta-Robe Cartons: $17.00 each + GST
  •   Quality Packing Tape: $4.00 a roll + GST
  •   White packing paper: $50.00 each + GST (Full roll)

Packing Materials Plastic Covers

  •   Dining Chair Covers: $3.00 each + GST
  •   Single Bed covers: $5.00 each + GST
  •   Double Bed Covers Queen and King : $7.00 each + GST
  •   Lounge and large sofa covers: $8.00 each +

General Packing Materials

  •   Single Bed covers: $5.00 each + GST
  •   Double Bed Covers Queen and King : $7.00 each + GST
  •   Lounge and large sofa covers: $8.00 each + GST